Gramps ID P0085


  1. Family of Frijhaus, Johannes Franciscus and Uithof, Antonia
    1. Frijhaus, Johannes Franciscus [I0636]
    2. Uithof, Antonia [I0637]
  2. Family of Harsveld, Leonardus and Hooft, Geertruida
    1. Harsveld, Leonardus [I1512]
    2. Hooft, Geertruida [I1511]
  3. Family of Hooft, Jacobus and Frijhaus, Hendrika
    1. Frijhaus, Hendrika [I0635]
    2. Hooft, Jacobus [I0340]
  4. Family of Hooft, Jacobus and Renkers, Maria
    1. Hooft, Jacobus [I0340]
    2. Renkers, Maria [I0638]
  5. Family of van Schaik, Jacobus and Hooft, Martje
    1. Hooft, Martje [I0341]
    2. van Schaik, Jacobus [I0641]
  6. FriehaĆ¼s, Anna Catharina [I0648]
  7. Frijhaus, Hendrika [I0635]
  8. Frijhaus, Johannes Franciscus [I0636]
  9. Harsveld, Leonardus [I1512]
  10. Hooft, Geertruida [I1511]
  11. Hooft, Jacobus [I0340]
  12. Hooft, Martje [I0341]
  13. Renkers, Maria [I0638]
  14. Uithof, Antonia [I0637]
  15. van Schaik, Jacobus [I0641]