Hooft, [Living]

Birth Name Hooft, [Living]
Gramps ID I0073
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hooft, Cornelis [I0071]
Mother Baas, Cornelia [I0083]
         Hooft, [Living] [I0073]
    Brother     Hooft, Willem [I0004]
    Sister     Hooft, N.N. [I0599]
    Brother     Hooft, Cornelis [I0075]
    Brother     Hooft, Gerardus [I0074]
    Brother     Hooft, Jacobus [I0076]
    Brother     Hooft, Johannes [I0072]


    Family of Hooft, [Living] and van Baal, Berendina Hendrika [F0058]
Married Wife van Baal, Berendina Hendrika [I0166]
  1. Hooft, [Living] [I0159]
  2. Hooft, [Living] [I0165]
  3. Hooft, [Living] [I0161]
  4. Hooft, [Living] [I0164]
  5. Hooft, [Living] [I0162]
  6. Hooft, [Living] [I0163]
  7. Hooft, Berendina Antonia [I0160]
  8. Hooft, Cornelis [I0158]
  9. Hooft, Hendrikus Maria [I1700]


  1. Hooft, Cornelis [I0071]
    1. Baas, Cornelia [I0083]
      1. Hooft, [Living]
        1. van Baal, Berendina Hendrika [I0166]
          1. Hooft, Cornelis [I0158]
          2. Hooft, [Living] [I0159]
          3. Hooft, Berendina Antonia [I0160]
          4. Hooft, [Living] [I0161]
          5. Hooft, [Living] [I0162]
          6. Hooft, [Living] [I0163]
          7. Hooft, [Living] [I0164]
          8. Hooft, [Living] [I0165]
          9. Hooft, Hendrikus Maria [I1700]
      2. Hooft, Willem [I0004]
      3. Hooft, N.N. [I0599]
      4. Hooft, Cornelis [I0075]
      5. Hooft, Gerardus [I0074]
      6. Hooft, Jacobus [I0076]
      7. Hooft, Johannes [I0072]