Stijger, Jan

Birth Name Stijger, Jan
Gramps ID I0578
Gender male
Age at Death 60 years, 2 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1769-11-28    
Death 1830-02-11 Amsterdam  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stijger, Jan [I0573]
Mother Rijkewaard, Wilhelmina [I0574]
    Sister     Stijger, Marijtje [I0765]
    Brother     Stijger, Johannes [I0575]
    Sister     Stijger, Trijntje [I0576]
    Sister     Stijger, Stijntje [I0577]
         Stijger, Jan [I0578]
    Sister     Stijger, Christina [I0579]
    Brother     Stijger, Maggiel [I0570]
    Brother     Stijger, Christiaan [I0766]
    Brother     Stijger, Willem [I0580]


    Family of Stijger, Jan and van den Hulst, Anna [F0276]
Married Wife van den Hulst, Anna [I0791]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources


  1. Stijger, Jan [I0573]
    1. Rijkewaard, Wilhelmina [I0574]
      1. Stijger, Marijtje [I0765]
      2. Stijger, Johannes [I0575]
      3. Stijger, Trijntje [I0576]
      4. Stijger, Stijntje [I0577]
      5. Stijger, Jan
        1. van den Hulst, Anna [I0791]
      6. Stijger, Christina [I0579]
      7. Stijger, Maggiel [I0570]
      8. Stijger, Christiaan [I0766]
      9. Stijger, Willem [I0580]