Claessen, Hendrik

Birth Name Claessen, Hendrik
Gramps ID I1055
Gender male
Age at Death 38 years, 8 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1722-12-12 Amersfoort  
Death 1761-09-08 Amersfoort  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Claese, Lambert [I1057]
Mother Willems, Geertruijdt [I1058]
    Sister     Claesen, Elsie [I1059]
    Brother     Claessen, Henricus [I1060]
    Brother     Claessen, Wilhelmus [I1061]
    Brother     Prins, Nicolaus [I1062]
    Sister     Claesens, Elisabeth [I1063]
    Sister     Prins, Catharina [I1064]
    Sister     Claesen, Clara [I1065]
    Brother     Claesens, Henricus [I1066]
    Sister     Claessen, Clara [I1067]
         Claessen, Hendrik [I1055]
    Sister     Claessen, Catharina [I1068]
    Sister     Claessen, Catharina [I1069]


    Family of Claessen, Hendrik and Lesoen, Cornelia [F0382]
Married Wife Lesoen, Cornelia [I1056]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1754-12-26 Amersfoort  
  1. van Wandelen, Lambertus [I0227]



  1. Claese, Lambert [I1057]
    1. Willems, Geertruijdt [I1058]
      1. Claesen, Elsie [I1059]
      2. Claessen, Henricus [I1060]
      3. Claessen, Wilhelmus [I1061]
      4. Prins, Nicolaus [I1062]
      5. Claesens, Elisabeth [I1063]
      6. Prins, Catharina [I1064]
      7. Claesen, Clara [I1065]
      8. Claesens, Henricus [I1066]
      9. Claessen, Clara [I1067]
      10. Claessen, Hendrik
        1. Lesoen, Cornelia [I1056]
          1. van Wandelen, Lambertus [I0227]
      11. Claessen, Catharina [I1068]
      12. Claessen, Catharina [I1069]