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Day by day production, May 2022

Our PV installation registers the average power over every 10 minute interval during the day.

Here are the per-day production graphs for the month May 2022.

Every graph shows (in black) the observed power averaged over 10 minute intervals. In text you find the maximum observed power, the total production in kWh for the entire day, and the production per kW-peak of the system. Both the total production and the maximum power also are given as percentage of a model calculation for our system if the day would have been fully sunny. The model calculation is drawn in three colored curves: red for the side-roof (east-south-east), blue for the front roof of the house (south-south-west), and green for the sum of those two.

Click on any graph to see a bigger version.

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Total production this month: 713.40 kWh

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